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It’s Zed’s. / "Pussy Wagon"? Fucker.


Chicago - Cell block tango


Vaishnavi, c. 1700

Nepal, 1675-1725
Gilt bronze
6-3/8 x 4-3/8 in. (16.2 x 11.1 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation


Amsterdam by Night

DMT is the most harmless, the safest, of all hallucinogens.

The fact that it occurs naturally in the human brain is the first clue to the fact that its benign.

The second clue is the fact that it only lasts eight to twelve minutes. What that means to a pharmacologist is that the body perfectly understands what to do with this compound.

You take a hit of DMT and your body says, ‘Oh, I recognize this. Activate deamination cycle, activate demethylation cycle, acivate serotonergic cycle…’ - it knows what to do.

And within 10 minutes you’re down.

A compound that you take and 48 hours later your lying around in warm baths and refusing telephone calls is a compound you shouldn’t have taken, because it’s hitting you too hard, its not clean its not smooth.

DMT, the most powerful hallucinogen known to human science, clears your system in 15 minutes.

—Terence McKenna (via alloftime)
You were made to be kissed, often and well. —George R.R. Martin  (via pureblyss)

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Quentin Tarantino (taglines/opening scenes)


Cole Porter’s ‘True Love’ sheet music from ‘High Society’ - 1956, starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra


Gabriel Medina: Fins to the beach

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Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003), Quentin Tarantino